Tax / Whiscombe: what's the chance of reforming VAT post-Brexit

VAT is a European construct so post-Brexit any government could have the freedom to reform this hugely complex and irrational VAT rating system, argues David Whiscombe CTA, partner at BKL

Tax / Concerns over cashflow impact of post-Brexit VAT regime

MPs and business groups are expressing increasing concern about the impact of Brexit on business cashflow, after it emerged that over 130,000 companies could face paying VAT upfront on goods imported from the EU when or if the UK leaves the customs union in March 2019

Insight / Brexit concerns increase among CFOs

CFOs seeing increasing risks to their business from Brexit and a slowing UK economy are reacting with a renewed focus on cost control, according to Deloitte’s latest survey

Insight / Chancellor will not rule out EU customs deal post-Brexit

Chancellor Philip Hammond has refused to rule out the UK being in a customs union with the EU as part of its end-state relationship, fuelling concerns that continued uncertainty over trading arrangements will result in confusion once Brexit takes place in March 2019

Insight / 2018: what's in store for accountants in the year ahead?

From endless speculation about the effect of Brexit on business and jobs to the tax implications of the gig economy, the arrival of three major IFRS standards on revenue recognition, financial instruments and leases, not to mention the challenges of recruiting and retaining great staff, Rachel Willcox talks to leading tax and accounting experts about their concerns and hopes for 2018

Insight / Global trade post-Brexit: outlook for SMEs

In a post-Brexit world, just how vulnerable is UK plc if a European trade deal cannot be struck,and what are the issues facing small to medium-sized companies looking to extend their export markets beyond the EU, asks Gita Petkevica, managing director of Opal Transfer

Insight / Brexit Committee releases redacted sectoral reports on professional services

The Brexit Committee has published redacted industry sector reports providing a snapshot of industry sectors and the implications of current EU legislation, for example on accountants and auditors and possible approaches to trade agreements which could offer continued access to EU markets, but no financial impact details

Insight / Treasury plans for Brexit transition financial services regime

The Treasury, Bank of England and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have issued statements outlining the plans to ensure the UK’s financial services industry remains able to operate during and after the remaining negotiations on Brexit

Insight / UK and EU agree first stage of Brexit negotiation

Following 24 hours of negotiations, the UK government has forged an agreement with EU officials negotiating the UK’s departure on the three key issues of the Ireland border, citizen’s rights and the financial settlement, paving the way for talks to move on to the next stage

Insight / EU citizens and post Brexit working

From the outset, control over the UK’s borders was always going to be a pivotal factor in the Brexit negotiations. Here Croner-i HR experts ask how the government plans to safeguard the position of EU citizens living in the UK and set out the key areas where there is some clarity

Insight / BDO confirms double-figure profits for second consecutive year

BDO has seen its underlying revenues hit £428m in the year to 30 June 2017, an increase of 5.7% compared to £405m last year, while for the second year experiencing double digit profit growth

Insight / Accountants concerned over potential Brexit outcomes

Uncertainties over the outcome of Brexit negotiations are driving a sharp fall in business confidence, according to a new members’ survey produced by ACCA, which is calling for clearer direction from government

Insight / Brexit uncertainties dent UK growth predictions

Brexit uncertainty means the UK’s growth outlook is significantly below the global average over the next two years, according to research from the OECD

Tax / Government publishes Bill for post-Brexit customs regime

The government has published the Taxation (Cross-Border Trade) Bill to allow it to establish a standalone customs regime, and ensure that VAT and excise legislation operates effectively, following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU

Tax / Warning of potential ‘catastrophic’ problems with HMRC’s customs system

HMRC has been told it must do more to ensure its new customs system, the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) is ready in time for Brexit, or face ‘catastrophic’ consequences, according to a report from the public accounts committee (PAC) which warns the department is facing an overload of development work in the run up to the UK quitting the EU