CIOT comments on European Union (Withdrawal) Bill

Released 10 October 2017

The European (Withdrawal Bill) is unclear in scope and effect in several areas and provisions should not be applied retrospectively, says CIOT.

The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has published comments sent to the Department of Exiting the European Union and HMRC on the European (Withdrawal) Bill. The CIOT considers the Bill is unclear in its scope and effect in several areas and that without further thought and clarity around certain concepts, the effect of the Bill will be uncertainty for taxpayers, particularly in areas where the Bill deviates from its primary purpose: which is to preserve the existing law as at exit day. The CIOT has further raised objections to the clauses of the Bill that would apply retrospectively and impact on the position of taxpayers in respect of events which occurred before exit day, in line with the general presumption against retrospective legislation under the rule of law.

View the CIOT submission at European Union (Withdrawal) Bill - CIOT comments.

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