Brexit Bill must be amended – Welsh Assembly Committee

Released 11 October 2017

A Welsh legislation committee has stated the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill must be amended so that key powers stay with Wales.

The National Assembly for Wales External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee, which is looking at the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill has stated that five key objectives must be met before it can recommend that the National Assembly support the Bill. These are:

To remove the Clause 11 restriction on the devolution settlement, which would see powers returned to London and not Cardiff;

Welsh Ministers and the Assembly should have the same powers the Bill currently gives to UK Ministers to correct aspects of EU law that will need amending after Brexit where powers are devolved;

If these powers come to Wales, the Welsh Government’s ability to rewrite law that was previously decided by the EU should be limited to enable proper scrutiny by the Assembly;

UK Ministers should not have the power to amend aspects of EU-derived law that affect Wales unless they are reserved to Westminster; and

The Bill currently outlines how the Assembly would scrutinise the UK Government’s decisions but the Committee believes the Assembly has the right to determine its own scrutiny arrangements.

For more information, view the press release at Brexit Bill must be amended – Assembly Committee.

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