SI 2018/281 - The Social Security Benefits Up-rating Order 2018

Released 08 March 2018

SI 2018/281 uprates various state benefits, pensions and allowances from April 2018.

The Social Security Benefits Up-rating Order 2018 is made as a consequence of a review under the Social Security Administration Act 1992, s. 150 and 151A and includes details of the sums mentioned in those sections. The Order does not deal with the benefits which were frozen by the Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016. The order up-rates various social security benefits, pensions and allowances, including income support and housing benefit, jobseeker’s allowance, state pension credit, employment and support allowance and universal credit. The order comes into force on dates between 1 and 9 April 2018 (as specified).

The document is available here.

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