WRA guidance: Land transaction tax – tax returns and payments and cross-border transactions

Released 12 March 2018

The Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) has published technical guidance on Land Transaction Tax returns and payments and Cross-border and cross-title transactions.

Land Transaction Tax returns and payments: Technical guidance provides guidance on when a Land Transaction Tax (LTT) return must be made and explains about payment of LTT to the WRA.

Cross-border and cross-title transactions: Technical guidance explains the treatment of cross border ‘multiple property’ transactions (eg. the purchase of a shop in Cardiff, a shop in Edinburgh and a shop in Bristol as part of a single transaction or series of associated transactions) and single ‘cross-title’ property transactions (eg. a field that is bisected by the border so that the land on each side of the border abuts and is contiguous with the land on the other side of the border).

View the new guidance:

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