Charity Commission inquiry into London Christian charity

The Charity Commission has opened a statutory inquiry into the London-based charity Kingdom Life Ministries, over concerns about its failure to provide accounting information on time

The charity’s objects include providing a place of worship for those of Christian faith and to encourage and promote education. Its last reported income was £870,411.

In July 2016 the charity was included in a class inquiry which was opened by the Commission to examine charities that had repeatedly defaulted on their accounting obligations. The charity had failed to submit accounting information required for the financial years ending 31 May 2014 and 2015 and the trustees were therefore instructed to submit the overdue accounting information.

The charity submitted the outstanding documents to the Commission in April 2017 and, as a result, ceased to be a part of the class inquiry. However, despite receiving regulatory advice and being repeatedly reminded to meet their legal duties, the trustees again failed to file the statutory accounting information for financial year ending 2016 on time.

The trustees have persistently failed to file their accounting documents on time for three consecutive years, and have shown repeated evidence of mismanagement in the administration of the charity and non-compliance with the Commission.

In view of concerns about the charity defaulting on its statutory duties, the Commission’s inquiry will now examine the extent to which the trustees are complying with their legal duties in respect of their administration, governance and management of the charity, and in particular, their compliance with legal obligations for the preparation and filing of the charity’s accounts and other information or returns.

When the inquiry has concluded, the Commission will publish a report detailing what issues the inquiry looked at, what actions were undertaken as part of the inquiry and what the outcomes were.

Report by Pat Sweet

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