'Dress down' does not add up for accountants

Despite ‘dress down Fridays’ becoming the norm, two thirds of professionals working in the accounting industry think that businesses should not ditch dress codes in the workplace, according to data from online job board CV-Library

Its survey of 1200 UK workers found 73% of accounting professionals enjoy following a dress code, though most (83%) do appreciate that workplace dress codes have changed over the years.

Nearly half (48%) of accounting professionals say that dressing smart makes them look more professional to clients, but the same proportion also think that dress codes will become more casual and relaxed in the future.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, said: ‘Every workplace is different and the rules are very dependent on the industry or role that a person is working in, though it’s clear that accounting professionals recognise that dressing smart can improve their professionalism.

The poll also found that of the 27% who said that dress codes are outdated, respondents cited that this was because smart dress can make people feel uncomfortable (38.5%), because younger workers like to dress more casually, and because they can create space for discrimination (23%).

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