Engagement letters and tax clients - NEW CPD module

The latest CCH Daily CPD module focuses on tips and advice on how to write effective engagement letters for tax clients to ensure certain levels of protection in the event of increasingly tough tax sanctions and penalties

Engagement letters form the legal basis of a client relationship and are increasingly important for accountants in this litigious age. In light of tough new penalties and sanctions for accountants and tax advisers providing specialist tax advice, which could be considered as potential avoidance under ever stricter tax rules in the UK, signed engagement letters are critical for all client relationships.

By completing this module you will be able to:

  • explain the purpose of engagement letters;
  • describe the essential features of engagement letters in relation to tax engagements; and
  • understand the various features of engagement letters and their purpose and the regulatory and ethical environment that exists alongside them.

The CDP module takes 15 minutes to complete and has a multiple choice questionnaire once the course is finished.

The CPD course lecturer is Cath Hall CTA, a freelance tax lecturer.

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