Fishermen triumph over accountants when filing returns on time

Accountants should come out on top when it comes to filing a tax return on time however, accountants and lawyers have once again missed out on first place to the agriculture, fishing and forestry industry, according to HMRC

Farmers, fisherman and lumberjacks have taken the top spot again with just 71 in every 10,000 returns submitted late. Accountants and lawyers came in second with 147 late returns per 10,000 in the 2013-14 tax year.  

The financial, insurance and real estate sector has moved from fifth place to third with 212 late returns per 10,000. The worst performing sector was administrative and support service with 359 per 10,000.

Men are more likely than women to file their tax return on time but only by a small margin. Men completed 294 of every 10,000 returns late whereas women submitted 303 late returns per 10,000.

Only 118 of every 10,000 tax returns received late, came from those aged 65 and over but a huge 949 were filed late per 10,000 for 18-20 year olds.

Taxpayers in London are the worst performing in England according to region, completing 402 late returns per 10,000. The South West are the best performers sent in 236 late returns for every 10.000 making them the least likely region to miss the 31 January deadline.

Ruth Owen, HMRC director general of personal tax, said: ‘It doesn’t matter if you a man or woman, young or old, whether you live in Newcastle or Cardiff, – if you need to complete a tax return, you need to do it now.

‘Our online service has a wide range of resources to help taxpayers complete their tax return and can be accessed 24 hours a day to suit everyone’s working pattern. Our advice is to not leave it until the eleventh hour – act now to prevent getting caught up in a last minute rush.’

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