HMRC forces trusts and estates to register online by 5 October

All trusts and estates with a tax liability must register online via the HMRC trusts and estates online service by 5 October following the withdrawal of paper form 41G (Trusts)

HMRC has confirmed that any information already submitted on a 41G form, which was withdrawn on 19 May, also needs to be replaced with an online submission.

The deadline for trust registration is 5 October each year.

To use the online trust and estate reporting service taxpayers and agents will have to use their Government Gateway account or set one up to use the service.

A Self Assessment Trust and Estate Tax Return has to be submitted after the end of each tax year to report each trust or estate’s income and gains.

Register new trusts

Any new trusts have to be registered with HMRC using the trusts online service to pay income tax and capital gains tax.

The deadline for new trusts to register is 5 October of the tax year after the trust is set up or when it starts to make income or chargeable gains, if this is later.

Useful links

The following links go straight to the Government Gateway:

HMRC Estates Online Service to register a new or existing estate

HMRC Trusts Online Service to register new or existing trust

Report by Sara White

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