Interactive fair tax mark map launched

The Fair Tax Mark group, an independent accreditation process assessing corporation tax practices and reporting, has launched an interactive map showing businesses signed up to the scheme

It is meant to help consumers choose shops and businesses which meet the Fair Tax Mark grade and ‘pay their fair share of tax’, in the view of campaigners.

Emily Kenway, director, Fair Tax Mark, said: ‘We’re proud to be launching the first ever interactive fair tax map, enabling shoppers to support companies who do pay their fair share of corporation tax and report on their practices transparently. All these companies, like Lush Cosmetics, the Co-operative Group and SSE, are fair tax mark accredited, meaning they’ve applied the gold standard of tax reporting.’

A survey of over 2,000 people carried out by ICM Unlimited for the Fair Tax Mark found that 77% agree that they would rather shop with a business which can prove it is paying its fair share of tax, and the same proportion agreed they would rather work for such a business.

Two thirds (64%) agreed they would trust a business with the fair tax mark more than one without it, and over half (56%) said they would switch businesses in favour of one with the accreditation.

In practice, it is not clear how many consumers actually do this in practice, rather than just giving lip service to the concept.

Rachel McEwen, SSE director of sustainability said: ‘We’re proud to be accredited with the fair tax mark three years in a row and delighted consumers can use this map to check the provenance of who and what they are buying.

‘Paying the right tax, at the right time, in the right way is fundamental to how we do business and this helps more people make an informed choice about the companies they choose to spend their money with.’

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