IRS spells trouble for US reality TV star

Tori Spelling, the daughter of late multimillionaire media mogul Aaron Spelling and star of the TV show ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’, has allegedly seen $700,000 drained from the family bank account by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the latest episode in a long-running tax saga

Spelling, who has five children with actor husband Dean McDermott, has previously said they were experiencing financial difficulties as they were both being offered fewer roles than previously.

In her 2013 memoir ‘Spelling It Like It Is’, the actress wrote: ‘It’s no mystery why I have money problems. I grew up rich beyond anyone’s dreams. Even when I try to embrace a simpler lifestyle, I can’t seem to let go of my ¬expensive tastes.’

Last year, the pair were sued twice by American Express, the first time over a bill for $37,981, and then for an unpaid balance of $87,595, according to reports in showbiz media. In addition, the IRS levied a federal tax lien against them for $707,487 in unpaid federal taxes from the 2014 tax year. The reported seizure of money held in Spelling and McDermott’s bank account is thought to be related to this lien.

The couple have starred in several TV reality shows, and are believed to be working on a new version focused on the baby they had in March. Spelling has said she hopes to rebrand as a ‘lifestyle coach’ to make money, but has made no comment on the reports of her financial difficulties.

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