Metals trader heads tax defaulter list owing £3.5m

HMRC’s updated list of major tax defaulters is topped by a metals trader who owes £3.5m in unpaid tax, followed closely by an alcohol wholesaler owing £1.8m, while less serious offenders include a number of restaurants and takeaways

HMRC has published its latest quarterly listing of deliberate tax defaulters’ details, adding 73 names to the list of those who have received penalties either for deliberate errors in tax returns or for failing to comply with tax obligations.

The list includes tax evaders whose penalties involve unpaid tax of more than £25,000.

The largest tax penalty amounts to £2.2m and was paid by Matlock Recycling Ltd a metals trader, on £3.5m of tax due over the period February 2013 to July 2014. The second biggest penalty was paid by Al Pacino Import and Export Ltd, an alcoholic beverage wholesaler, who paid £831,000 on £1.8m of tax owed.

The list also includes another alcohol wholesaler company who received a penalty of £183,000 on £307,000 of tax owed and a recruitment company based in London who owed £905,000 in tax and received a £364,000 penalty.

Less serious offenders included several restaurants and takeaways. Fozleh Rabbi Khan, one owner of a takeaway business, faced a £20,000 penalty on £36,000 of tax owed, while Mohammed Anhar Amin, a restaurant owner, faced a £28,000 penalty on £40,000 of tax owed.

No accountants or financial businesses featured on the list this quarter.

HMRC only publishes details where the taxpayer has not made a full and immediate disclosure either before or during an investigation, and the information is made publicly available for a maximum period of 12 months.

The list is available here

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