Tax planning

Tax / Budget 2017: implementation dates effective November 2017 onwards

Our essential snapshot of the key measures announced in Budget 2017, Finance Bill 2017/18 and NICs Bill including CGT indexation allowance, SDLT and rise in R&D tax relief

Tax / Budget 2017: taxing royalties and IP will hit digital giants

The plan to tax royalties posted overseas on the back of UK-based sales from April 2018 sets a clear pointer in terms of the government's general approach to clamping down on aggressive tax planning by the digital multinational giants like Amazon, Apple and Google. Philip Smith asks whether the Budget proposal will work

Tax / Budget 2017: £400m investment to spark electric car uptake

The government has committed to an expansion of electric cars on UK roads by announcing a £400m investment to provide more roadside charging points and has put a further £100m in to the Plug-In Car Grant to help individuals purchase an electric vehicle

Tax / Budget 2017: key corporation tax changes for business

Paul Davies ACA, specialist tax writer at Croner-i, gives a round-up of the key changes to corporate taxes announced in the Budget, from freezing the indexation allowance on chargeable gains to the increase in R&D relief and tightening of the corporate interest restriction rules

Tax / Budget 2017: end to graduates overpaying student loans

University graduates will no longer temporarily overpay hundreds of pounds on their student loans as Chancellor Philip Hammond announces changes to the student loan and HMRC systems

Tax / Budget 2017: days of single-use plastic numbered

In the Autumn Budget, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced a raft of measures to improve the environment such as investment in electric cars and tax breaks for employers who provide electricity for employees to charge their ultra-low emission vehicles

Tax / Budget 2017: changes to double taxation relief TAAR

The Budget included proposals for two changes to the double taxation relief targeted anti-avoidance rule (TAAR), in a bid to bring it into line with similar anti avoidance measures and to cut down on abusive arrangements

Tax / Budget 2017: points-based penalty system for late tax returns

Plans unveiled as part of the Budget papers to move to a points-based penalty system for late or missing tax returns have been criticised by the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT), over concerns the decision could result in unintended consequences, particularly when the Making Tax Digital regime starts

Tax / Budget 2017: ‘step up’ scheme avoidance using intangible fixed assets curbed

The Budget included a measure clarifying the corporation tax treatment of  the disposal of intangible fixed assets, designed to tackle ‘step up’ tax avoidance schemes by bringing the rules for all non-cash disposals and related party licensing arrangements in line with cash transactions

Tax / Budget 2017: close companies gateway to tackle disguised remuneration

As part of the clampdown on abuse of disguised remuneration by company directors, the government plans to introduce further measures in Finance Bill 2018 to tackle existing, and prevent future use of, disguised remuneration tax avoidance schemes 

Tax / Budget 2017: offshore investigation time limits extended

The government has outlined plans in the Budget to increase the time limits for assessing all offshore case of potential tax avoidance to at least 12 years where non-compliant behaviour is involved, with a consultation on this in spring 2018

Tax / Budget 2017: rather more than first meets the eye

Mark Cawthron LLB CTA assesses the first autumn Budget in 20 years, outlining the key measures and stressing that a far from radical Budget actually disguised a number of significant tax measures 

Tax / Budget 2017: avoidance and evasion priorities for government

Meg Wilson CTA, specialist tax writer at Croner-i, unpicks the key avoidance and evasion measures announced in the Budget including disguised remuneration, abuse of the NICs employment allowance and related party schemes involving intangibles

Tax / Budget 2017: what’s new in property taxes

Croner-i tax experts review the key property tax measures announced in the autumn Budget from CGT on non-residents’ gains to ATED rises and stamp duty abolition for first-time buyers purchasing properties valued under £300,000

Tax / Budget 2017: capital gains tax - key measures

Stephen Relf CTA FCA reviews the Budget announcements affecting capital gains tax and business-related CGT increases, including changes to depreciatory transactions and freezing the capital gains indexation allowance at CPI