Treasury chiefs lowest paid in Whitehall

Bosses at HM Treasury are the lowest paid in Whitehall, which HMRC staff are among the lowest paid on average, research from the Institute for Government has found

The institute’s analysis found the Department for International Development has the highest average pay across Whitehall, followed by the former Department for Energy and Climate Change and the Department for Transport.

The report shows the Senior Civil Service has the greatest range of pay between departments across any arm of government. The Ministry of Defence is the highest paid and the Treasury the lowest.

However, the Treasury has the highest portion of staff earning above £80,000, with 5.3% of staff falling into that group.

Meanwhile, more than half of HMRC’s staff earn below £30,000, something also true of the Ministry of Justice, Home Office and the Ministry of Defence.

In all, as of September 2016, it was found there are 405 civil servants earning £150,000 or above. The Department for Transport boasted the highest number with 112, with the bulk working for arm’s length bodies such as Network Rail, which has 48, and HS2 with 42.

The Department of Health has 94 high earners while the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has 63. The Treasury has five, while HMRC has eight, according to the report.

The Institute for Government’s report can be read here

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